Telus Mobility Service Agreement

24. You agree not to sell, transfer, repurchase, incriminate or incriminate shares in TELUS high-speed devices (. B for example, wireless gateway, high-speed modem, POTS shards) that were provided for your use as part of the Services. 42. You acknowledge that, unless directed otherwise by TELUS, the email addresses, IP addresses and personal addresses that TELUS has assigned to you for the duration of this Agreement will remain the property of TELUS at any time. 14. You are not allowed to use an email, web, news or similar server via a service account, unless such use is expressly authorized by your service plan. The fee is $50 for all reconnected Mascon Home services. 2.

You ensure and guarantee that you have reached the age of majority (at least 18 or 19 years) in the province or territory where you reside, and that you have the right and opportunity to conclude this Agreement and use the Services in accordance with this Agreement. Telus` logins to your account, including the phone number, group number or private number directly connected, IP address, network ID, domain name and email address, depend on network management and may vary. TELUS may, if necessary, provide the service through other identifiers. 47. You agree that TELUS may change security standards, content storage methods, email addresses, minimum equipment and software requirements, and any other aspect of service delivery at any time, without notice or liability, without notice or liability, without notice or liability. A description of TELUS network management practices can be TELUS may apply the down payment at any time to the amounts you owe for your Internet services under this Contract or any other service contract you have with us. Interest on deposits is calculated on the basis of the Bank of Canada`s overnight rate, which came into effect on that date, plus at least 1% based on the actual number of days per month. 18. You recognize and accept that by using the wireless functions of the Services, access to the Internet or any other online network or service carries certain risks that may allow other service users or Internet users to access your computer system or service account. You should take all appropriate security precautions if you use these wireless features, including, but not limited to encrypting your network, installing a firewall and antivirus solution, selecting secure passwords, allowing computers and pre-admitted users on your network, and disabling computer file-sharing functions when you move your computer away from your home network.

TELUS is not liable or responsible for claims, damages, losses or expenses related to the use or misuse of the Services` wireless functions, including, but not exclusively, those resulting from your use of file sharing, print sharing or other functions that may allow others to access your computer, network or transfer content. 56. Any termination of your account does not exempt you from any amounts outstanding or other debts arising from this Agreement before this termination takes effect. 6. Services are made available to you by paying all applicable service rates and any additional taxes that were established to you at the time of the Service request or by other means in accordance with these Terms of Service, including installation and activation taxes, as well as all applicable and other government taxes. The additional fees authorized by these terms of service may be charged only once, monthly or per use, as TELUS may determine from time to time. If you use the services via a mobile app, there may be a fee for using the data as part of your mobility service plan.