Tcs Service Agreement for Freshers

1) No, they can`t sue you so late, because there is a time limit under the limitation period to file the case in court. You must also read your agreement with tcS what was written in it. Dear Sir, For the service agreement, I have the ITR document of 2016-17, but in the last fiscal year, its tax amount is zero due to the occupation is less than 3 lakh. Next year, the guarantee tax will be at a certain level, as his profession is now 4 lakh per year. I notarized his name as a guarantee. Please let me know, is that acceptable? Unless my membership date is October 27, 2016.Please do the need. Maybe the arbitration clause has been inserted into your agreement. If so, then you really need a lawyer/arbitrator to negotiate them. You can also negotiate with them, but before using this arbitration clause, you need to know the arbitrator who will initiate the proceedings. But I can only imagine what is in your agreement. Hello.

I had my service contract signed by the warranty and was inadvertently notarized instead of a certificate. will that be a problem? Please respond. There is no need for a resignation letter now that you are fired and you are no longer your employee, this is only where the agreement is broken, so they get to you. I accidentally printed the first three spaces on the first page of the service contract, will it be okay or do I have to prepare again to write these spaces with the pen? Please respond. Hello sir, when I get the signature of the tesildar service contract. Do I want to join form16 with this agreement? If I choose FD. I only need to print the first page of the service contract on the warranty document, without just the warranty signature part. or?? My ilp membership date is 02.09.2019, but inadvertently I created the date of the service contract homepage on 22.08.2019. Are there any problems with that??? Answer me quickly.. Thank you very much.

I made a mistake when I wrote cut it and wrote the right date. Is that okay or do I have to make a new deal? My guarantee has a property What are the documents necessary to certify with the service contract It depends on your contract with the company at the time of your appointment letter or service contract. If your company has obtained your written consent not to leave the company within 6 years of your membership, you are required to respect the signed deadline and in addition, they have the right to sue you. Sir, I have a parent who is now retired. But he is an active taxpayer. He has the ITR file and the current year`s Form 16. Will he be my guarantor? My question is that every retiree who is currently a taxpayer is my guarantor of my service contract.??? Thank you very much. I printed the blanks in the service contract? Will they accept it or not? What happens if it is rejected? Sir, in the e-stamp service contract, I was first part like myself and second part like TCS, but I said in one of the FAQs that the first part should be TCS and the second part should be the name of the employee…

I also did the same in NCA AFFIDAVIT, GAP AFFIDAVIT and BIRTH AFFIDAVIT. SIR, PLEASE HELP US… I`M IN TROUBLE.. Please respond promptly, Mr 5. Hire a local lawyer with expertise in handling service issues to respond to this tcS notice. They should empty. Do not write anything where need warranty Name & Signaturelse Your agreement regecté I dealt with this type of service issues earlier TCS could have issued you a legal opinion and also contacted you. Do I have to have the bond in the service contract notarized? Can you please provide your service contract? Is ₹50000 mandatory? I had my service contract signed by the guarantee and I received the notarization. On the other hand, if there was no agreement on the limitation of time, then under the law, the company cannot claim compensation from you due to the limitation period under the limitation period. I did not write page numbers in the service contract. Will this be a problem at the time of accession? Instead of entering it into as a service contract, the person entered it as a service contract in the description, it is acceptable ??? Hello, I am from Varanasi, I have some questions about the service contract. My lawyer says that on the first page he can write Varanasi( on the place of Mumbai in the first line “THIS AGREEMENT made in Mumbai about it” we can write Vranasi).

He suggested another thing to leave it empty (i.e. instead of Mumbai, leave it empty) and fill it with the pen. So, I want to know that this is valid (if I fill in the name “Mumbai” with the pen) or causes a problem at the time of membership or in the future. Please answerThank you mentioned that the guarantee may come from a taxpayer or a property owner. If the guarantor is the owner of the estate, then what proof must be attached to the service contract. Can you please let me know that we need to have notarized or certified service contract paper and stamp paper? TCS is excluded by the limitation of the assertion of an amount for the breach of the service contract. Sir, I got the guarantee from a taxpayer and he is my Nachbar.So can I fill in the empty relationship as a neighbour – and after receiving the sign of the guarantee, is it enough to get a certificate from a nationalised bank manager on the computer declarations and the pan card and on the last page of the service contract? I have the first page of the service contract with it necessary for it to be printed? Sir, I have a doubt about the signing of certainty on the service contract. My father owns farmland. Can this come as a surprise? If so, what documents must be submitted on its behalf? Thank you On the first page of the service contract, instead of writing twelfth as the membership date, I wrote twelve.

What must I do??? can I use Whitener?? Hello, I have a doubtI was notarized in the service contract, it is also a problem that I bought the stamp paper for the service contract and the non-criminal affidavit on behalf of TCS.later I only learned that it must be purchased on my behalf (according to TCS -ILP FAQ). But my notary said it wouldn`t be a problem. Is this acceptable or do I need to buy a new stamp paper? This notice and legal action may be contested. The TCS purpose retains the violation of the service for as long as the violation of the service. Buying only 100 stamps and certifying the service agreement prints given by tcs .is sufficient or requires any other do. (notry or affidavit) do we have to fill in our name with the full initial in the srvice agreement? Example: just like ch.lakshmi, we need to extend the ch here Is it acceptable for the spaces to be typed instead of writing with a pen in the service agreement without changing the format? How many days before the ILP can I prepare the service contract? According to the service contract, you would have responded to the request for notification and warranty, if applicable. Is a certificate required on the CAS or is it in order with notary and certificate on service contract required? Can I add space in the service contract because the space is too small to fill and how can I add space in the gaps 1) Yes, you call the people at TCS and tell them that the 2 year and 50k service contract was compensation. Thus, you may be able to go to mutual negotiations only for 50k and not for 2 lakes.

sirin SA on the first page Notary typed “this agreement to DELHI o. this.. Day of.. two thousand…. n/b TCSL. Since I did this SA in Delhi, he has typed Delhi inspot by MUmbai. Are you okay? or must make another one. Please help me to surpass Sir instead of writing with a pen in the service contract, I typed the spaces with the required data.. .