Sports Clips Franchise Agreement

15. If another agreement, including another franchise agreement involving the franchisee and franchisor, is terminated because the franchisee does not default within the additional time provided by this agreement (if applicable). Gross revenue includes all revenues generated by the franchise site. Gross sales do not include VAT. 2. If the franchisee does not comply with any of the standards or procedures prescribed by the franchisor in this agreement, the manuals, any other written agreement between the parties or by any other means. 7. At the purchaser`s expense, the purchaser, his supervisor and his staff implement all training programs that will then apply to current franchisees on terms that the franchisor can reasonably require, unless the franchise manager and staff have been previously trained by the franchisor, the transfer does not require them to participate in additional training programs. Payable if you sell your deductible. No fees if the deductible is transferred to a company you control.

See Note 5 Our vision is: “To create a champion haircut experience for men and boys in an exciting sporting environment.” As sports clips, you offer your clients a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by an exciting sporting environment, and able to see current and classic sporting events while getting a well executed haircut. Specific components of the sport environment clips include a large-screen TV at the front of the store and TV screens at each haircut station. TVs are converted into live or recorded sports programs that have been approved by the company. You`ll also see collectibles and collectibles in your Sports Clips store. Your shop will also include special panels and decorative items to create the “Sport Clips” look and atmosphere. Franchise Description: Sport Clips, Inc. is the franchisor. The services and products of sports clips stores are offered to all segments of the public, and the stores are usually located in strip center sites. Sports Clips franchisees sell, mainly to men and boys, haircut services and hair care products in an environment with a sports theme and several TVs with sports program. Sport Clips franchisors operate the franchise according to the franchisor system, which includes the franchisor`s authorized standards, specifications, products, methods and procedures. The system also includes the use of the brand and the trade name “Sport Clips.” CONSIDERING that Franchisor holds the exclusive franchise rights over a proprietary system that it has developed through considerable effort of time, skill, effort and money (hereafter referred to as the “system”) in terms of creating, developing and operating a sports clip store (hereafter “franchises” and means points of sale both franchisees and franchisees) that offers professional services to men.

, women and children in a sporting environment; and offers hair care products, sportswear and sports specialties; CONSIDERING that Franchisor, through its specific activities, marketing methods and bargaining policies, has developed the reputation, public image and goodwill of its system and has created a solid base for its franchised retail businesses, which consist of the highest standards in training, management, monitoring, appearance, services and product quality; To simplify the language in this offer circular, “company,” “SCI” or “we” Sport Clips, Inc., means franchisor.