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There is an obscure error in Windows that can affect NVivo users if your computer name is identical to your login name. NVivo seems to install properly, but you can`t open or use files, and the repair assistant also fails. Once you have changed your computer name, the repair assistant can complete and install MS-SQL. According to Microsoft, “a username cannot be identical to the name of the computer. This is a Windows problem. For more information, see┬áPlease note: The terms and conditions of your volume license agreement and the rights to use the products documented in this agreement govern your use of the products licensed by Microsoft. While we have made it difficult to make it easier for you to access product usage rights and understand the rights to use products by this online tool, your use of this site should not replace reading and understanding your volume licensing agreement. We will endeavour to ensure that the content of this site complies with the documentation of the current volume license, but in the event of conflicting content, you should refer to the terms of your agreement. These licensing conditions apply to the use of all Microsoft software and online services that are granted as part of your volume licensing agreement. If you are purchasing GSA licenses for our GIA programs, please contact your Microsoft dealer or licensing manager for licensing/product use rights. Each employee is individually responsible for reading, understanding and complying with all licenses, communications, contracts and agreements applicable to the software they use or wish to use on corporate computers. Unless the license, communication, agreement or agreement is made otherwise, any reproduction of copyrighted software, except for safeguarding and archiving purposes, may constitute a violation of federal and national law. In addition to violating these laws, unauthorized reproduction of software violates the company`s software/material policy.

Your rights to use. If you comply with the volume licensing agreement, including these product usage rights and product listings, you can only use the software and online services to the extent expressly permitted by these product usage rights. Activating the product. Some online products and services require activation and a volume license key to install or access them. The activation attributes the use of the software to a particular device. You`ll find information about when an activation or key is needed in the Product Activation section on