Stormont Agreement 2020

The Government is in principle ready to participate in capital investments to support the expansion of procurement at the University of Ulster`s Magee campus, as well as the UK Government`s commitment under this agreement. We look forward to a swift discussion in the North-South Council of Ministers on the continuation of these coordinated investments in order to bring this important project to the North-West region. – North West Strategic Growth Partnership The Irish Government remains committed to continuing to support the work of the North West Strategic Growth Partnership and is committed in principle to continue funding the North West Development Fund in collaboration with the Northern Ireland Executive. The Government is ready to continue discussions on the Northwest Strategic Partnership on key projects for employment and sustainable development in the region, including the Foyle River Gardens Project. By introducing laws to reclassify housing corporations, the executive will allow housing corporations to continue building new social and intermediate housing after March 2020, including the condominium system. Housing is considered a special priority in the government`s programme. If political tensions threaten the collapse of institutions in the future, the agreement provides for a longer period of 24 weeks before parliamentary elections are called. Ministers remain in office as directors. Recognize the unique challenges facing NI utilities and help resolve the wage dispute between nurses.

• allocate additional funds to the Executive in 2020/21, to give the Executive time to put Northern Ireland`s finances on a sustainable basis and address their priorities, such as. B parity with England and Wales for nurses` remuneration, which puts an end to the persistent wage dispute between nurses. The Executive will publish a mental health action plan within two months; a mental health strategy until December 2020; a follow-up strategy and action plan for the strategic direction of Phase 2 for alcohol and drugs within three months; and a new cancer strategy and implementation plan by December 2020. It is a pity that the obligations of the Irish and British Governments are separate and not presented jointly. But it is inevitable until the post-Brexit deal is concluded. But a certain degree of complementarity has been achieved. In recent years, eleven different proposals have been made regarding the management of the legacy of the past in Northern Ireland. Finally, a new approach to legacy was presented by the UK government in a statement from the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) in March 2020. h.

This legislation – including the creation of the Office and the two Commissioners – is introduced as new specific parts of the Northern Ireland Act 1998. It is the legislation implemented by the Belfast Agreement (Good Friday) and subsequent agreements and which sets the law of the Assembly and the Executive. The adoption of these new parts of the Northern Ireland Act will reflect the importance of these issues to the people and society of Northern Ireland. The Irish government has put in place a wide range of business and agri-food support programmes, including the €300 million Brexit Loan Scheme, the €300 million Future Growth Loan Scheme, Enterprise Ireland`s Brexit Scorecard, Bord Bia`s Brexit Barometer and InterTraireland`s Brexit Vouchers. The government is also continuing preparatory work on measures to curb Brexit as part of the 2020 budget and targeted funding for the most affected sectors in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The executive will reconfigure hospital care to achieve better patient outcomes, more stable services and sustainable staff. . . .