Quebec Rental Agreement Form

In cases where the court approves the repossession of the rental property, the court may impose the conditions it deems fair and equitable, including the case of the repossession, the payment of compensation to the tenant up to his relocation costs. (Article 1967 of the Civil Code of Québec) Yes. When signing a rental agreement, the landlord must provide the tenant with written notice of the lowest rent paid in the 12 months preceding the beginning of the lease or the rent set by the Régie du logement. This information is usually included in Section G of the lease. The Law also requires the public sector to use the applicable forms of rental by the Régie du logement for the rental of an apartment in low-cost apartments within the meaning of article 1984 of the Civil Code of Québec, as well as for the rental of an apartment with an educational institution by a student currently enrolled in that institution. The landlord uses the applicable rental forms of the Régie du logement: The Régie du logement is the body that monitors landlord-tenant housing issues in the province. Landlords or tenants can receive information, file a lawsuit and hold a hearing before a commissioner at any Régie du logement office. Scroll down to the “Owners” section of this page to find all the rental forms as well as useful guides to help you fill them out correctly. If the safety of the tenant or a child living with the tenant is directly threatened by a spouse, ex-spouse or due to sexual assault (even if this is done by a third party). The landlord can terminate the lease if he has sublet the rental property for more than 12 months by terminating the tenant and subtenant; The notice period for this is the same as for the amendment of the lease (see extension of the lease) (articles 1942 and 1944 of the Civil Code of Québec). Finally, the list of “services for the elderly or disabled” must be completed in its entirety when special services are offered to the elderly or disabled. Written leases containing this schedule are sold in the offices of the Régie du logement and in bookstores throughout Quebec (section 2 of the Ordinance on Mandatory Rental Forms and Details of a Notice to a New Tenant).

It is not entirely clear whether a clause in the lease prohibiting smoking within the limits of the rental unit is valid and binding. Smoking is prohibited in all common areas of residential buildings with six or more units, whether the buildings are condominiums or not. If the rental unit is subject to an act relating to the rules for the enjoyment, use and maintenance of the residence and common elements, the landlord is required to provide the tenant with a copy of the laws before the rental agreement is formally concluded. The articles are part of the lease contract (article 1894 of the Civil Code of Québec). For this type of rental unit, the landlord does not have to inform the tenant of the previous rent. Neither the landlord nor the tenant of an apartment rented by a housing co-operative to one of its members may apply to the court for a correction of the rent or the modification of another condition contained in the lease. But a new landlord who wants to subdivide, demolish or expand the rental unit, or change its use, can usually require a tenant to leave. The new owner can also take over the unit to live or accommodate certain family members. In these situations, the tenant may have the right to be compensated with money. You will find more information in our article Takeover of an apartment or eviction. When a tenant rents an apartment with one or more other tenants, they are said to be in a shared apartment. It is recommended that the rental agreement and all other agreements be made in writing.

Yes, these rules are part of the rental agreement. The landlord must give tenants a copy of these rules before signing the lease. These rules often cover things like peaceful enjoyment and maintenance of individual units and common areas. Rental forms are available from local convenience stores, post offices or Publications du Québec. If the tenant does not inform the landlord of their intention not to renew it within the required time, the lease will automatically be renewed for the same period and under the same exact conditions as the previous agreement (unless a notice of change has been received and accepted by the tenant`s landlord). For example, with a 1-year lease, a tenant who has not informed the landlord of their intention to terminate the lease must sign another 1-year lease. (Article 1946 of the Civil Code of Québec) The Quebec rental form is available in most bookstores and office supply stores, as well as on the Quebec Publications website. If there is no consent, the spouse concerned may request the cancellation of the rent or subletting. A residential lease is a contract between the landlord and the tenant. In this contract, the tenant agrees to pay rent and the landlord agrees to let the tenant live in the rental unit and ensures that the tenant enjoys it with peace of mind. This website provides contact information for all offices, online forms and other information.

It has current information on the main page. There is a great FAQ section with links to important topics and a good link between related topics. The pdf forms can be found under the publications link in the main menu. Rental-related forms provided by Service NL can be found here. This includes a standard lease, notices of rent increase, notification of entry into the premises and much more. Tenants who are under a lease with an adjustment that provides for a rent increase may object to excessive or inappropriate adjustments by filing a formal application with the court. The parties can also ask the court to determine the rent. The application must be made within one month of the date of coming into force of the amendment (article 1949 of the Civil Code of Québec). Since September 1, 1996, the lease form of the Régie du logement must be used. The form must be used for all new leases, whether for a room, apartment or house. It is highly recommended that potential roommates sign a “colocation agreement”.

Roommates should meet to discuss their opinions and establish ground rules before signing a lease. Click here for tips on how to find compatible roommates and take a look at our agreement template. A lease is a contract between a landlord and a tenant that defines their respective obligations with respect to an apartment. The rental form of the Administrative Housing Tribunal is mandatory for any new apartment rental contract, whether it is a room, an apartment, a condominium, a house, etc. Click here for a list of all forms provided by the British Columbia Residential Tenancies Branch. All forms are available in convenient PDF format, which can be printed or completed digitally. The law requires that a tenant be entitled to a copy of the lease within 10 days of signing (article 1895 of the Civil Code of Québec). The tenant cannot ask the tenancy committee to set the rent for rental units in such buildings: each tenant has the personal right to maintain occupancy; he may not be evicted from the rental unit, except in the cases provided for by law […].