Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer Chicago

We can help you understand the realities of a marital arrangement rather than misconceptions. Our experienced Chicago lawyers have not only developed numerous marriage contracts, but we have also requested their implementation to ensure that our clients` interests are protected at all times. This litigation experience allows our firm to understand the common pitfalls in which marital agreements have been declared invalid in court, so we can take steps, both in development and in the process leading up to them, to make it more likely in the future to conclude that marriage contracts are essentially contractual agreements between two people who define the process to be followed at a later date if they divorce at some point. These agreements are generally respected by Illinois courts. If your fiancé has introduced you to a prenup or you think a wedding is for you, Anderson and Boback can help. Our marriage agreement lawyers assess your situation, give you guidance on the law and structure an applicable agreement to protect your rights and interests in a marriage. We have extensive experience in preparing marriage contracts, post-marriage contracts and the application of all marriage or divorce contracts. Wondering what type of person needs a marriage agreement? In our experience, we have discovered that people who enter into a second (or later) marriage can get rest from marital agreements. Similarly, persons with significant property, property and property, as well as those with children from previous marriages, may benefit.

If you have any questions about the viability and fit of a prenup in your life, we`ll be happy to tell you about your rights and options. You may be wondering if a marriage is for you and how you can raise it with your future spouse. While there aren`t the most romantic items on your wedding planning list to discuss, pre-marriage agreements have protected the rights of many people who never thought they would need it. And if you think that only the rich need marital agreements, think about it again. There are many situations where Prenup brings clarity and peace of mind to couples who marry. If this is not your first marriage or if you have your own children to support them, talking to a lawyer about marriage will give you the knowledge you need to make decisions, protect yourself and protect your family. There is no clear line answer. However, the following people should seriously consider obtaining a marital agreement: 1) people with significant assets or income; (2) Persons who plan to obtain property during marriage by gift or estate; (3) people who are getting married for the 2nd or 3rd time; (4) persons with children from a previous relationship for whom they intend to take preventive measures; (5) Anyone who wants their divorce process to be more effective, if/when, if any, occurs. There are many reasons why a marital agreement can be beneficial. A party may have existing assets or assets that it wishes to protect, including income. A party can expect to receive assets such as estates or donations in the future, or they may be lucky enough to have multigenerational assets in their family.

Beyond financial matters, marital agreements can make any divorce process more efficient, less costly and less time-consuming. Things are changing. Life is neither static nor people`s beliefs. Couples who never believe they are getting divorced could end up getting divorced.