Loan For Consumption Agreement

[Proposition B] 1. With respect to a non-interest consumer loan, any party may terminate the consumer loan until the lender has provided the borrower with the purpose of the consumer loan; however, if this does not apply in cases of the written form of consumer loan (without electronic registration). 2. In cases where the lender is an entrepreneur and the borrower is a consumer, whether or not there is an obligation to pay interest, the borrower may terminate the consumer loan until the lender has provided the borrower with the purpose of the consumer loan. Any special agreement excluding the borrower`s right of withdrawal before delivery expires. Considering that both parties agree to honour and respect the commitments and conditions set out in this agreement to honour the commitments and conditions set out in this agreement: loans are often informally agreed, i.e. orally, to a friend or relative who is temporarily in financial difficulty. To save as fast as possible. However, money and friendships do not usually mix. If a borrower breaks the verbal agreement, or even denies ever obtaining a loan, it will make the situation extremely unpleasant for the lender. For it is the lender who bears the burden of proof if the case is tried.

[Proposition A] 1. Where the parties do not set a maturity date for the return, the lender may set a reasonable period of time and request restitution. 2. The borrower can make the return at any time; however, in the case of an interest-rate consumer loan for which an maturity date is set for return, the borrower, for restitution before receipt of the due date, pays compensation for the damages suffered by the lender. 1. In the event of an interest payment agreement, the borrower pays interest on the principal amount provided. 2. In the case of a consumer loan between entrepreneurs, in cases where a monetary loan for consumption has been made in connection with the lender`s commercial activity, interest is paid, unless there is any other agreement. (3) In cases where there is no agreement on the interest rate, interest is paid on the basis of the statutory interest rate at the time of the designation of the consumer loan. If the loan is for a large amount, it is important that you update your last wishes to indicate how you want to manage the current loan after your death. The consumer loan is a contract by which one person, the lender, provides consumables to another, the borrower, who undertakes to return to the lender an equal amount of things of the same nature and quality. In cases where a person assumes the obligation to provide money or something else through an agreement that is not a consumer loan, if the parties agree that it is the subject of a consumer loan, a consumer loan is considered to be entered into by the consumer loan.