Franchise Agreement Restaurant Sample

Whether the food is hot or cold and whether it is eaten on the spot or to take away does not matter for this agreement. The franchise`s territory can be of any size, from part of a city to a continent. In general, it is more advantageous for the franchisor to keep the territory small and to grant licenses in order to operate later in other areas on the same franchisee. This agreement can be used to grant territories outside the United Kingdom. The advertising fee is levied in favour of Franchisor, franchisees and all other franchisees or users of the Mama Fu system for the production or purchase of radio, television, print and/or other advertising advertising materials or services that Franchisor deems necessary or appropriate for its sole discretion on a national, regional or local basis (the “advertising fund”). The issuance of such means for advertising is under franchisor`s control and discretion at any time, or such other bodies are designated by Franchisor. Franchisees understand and recognize that the advertising fund is intended to maximize and support the general public recognition, brand identity, sale and sponsorship of Mama Fu restaurants for the benefit of all Mama Fu restaurants, and that Franchisor takes no obligation to ensure that the advertising fund benefits each Mama Fu restaurant in relation to its respective contributions. Franchisor agrees that all funds paid into the advertising fund: cover all costs (including, without limitation, reasonable salaries and overheads incurred by franchisors) related to maintenance, the management, management and preparation of national, regional or local advertising materials, programs and public relations, including, but not limited to, the preparation and operation costs of television, radio, magazine, billboard, iv) ownership, franchise or license everywhere, including in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant, which is sometimes permitted, of restaurants of other types operated under other brands; and (i) the buyer and/or controlling persons of the buyer with a satisfactory credit rating, a good moral character and satisfactory operating qualifications for the crossing; Be prepared to meet the franchisor`s training requirements and be prepared to enter into a written agreement on the assumption and performance of all of the franchisee`s obligations and obligations under this agreement and/or to enter into a new franchise agreement, if franchisor wishes, and to enter into all agreements with Franchisor required by all new franchisees, including a guarantee contract or any other agreement that may require payment of other fees or royalties plus these obligations; Franchisees recognize the mutual benefits to Mama Fu franchisees, franchisors and other franchisees of the uniform appearance, services, products and advertising of the Mama Fu system and recognize and recognize that such consistency is necessary for mama fu`s restaurants to function properly.