Cloud Storage Service Level Agreement

An SLA evaluation process should be conducted for each new cloud service. However, ALS is a living agreement and, as services change, ALS should be reassessed. ALS often uses technical definitions that quantify the level of service, for example. B the average time between defects (MTBF) or average repair time (MTTR) that indicates a target or minimum performance value at the service level. In the event of a disaster, your cloud provider should have a plan to avoid the total loss of your data. Cloud providers should have a section of ALS that details their recovery and backup solutions. Depending on the provider, you can provide automatic backups and snapshots of your data. If the user needs to set up backup and restoration systems, alS should set it. It may not explicitly specify how to activate them, but you should be aware whether you should activate it or not. For example, making a reading-only catalog available is quite simple for customers. Although the catalog can have a very high value, it is quite easy to restore backups with minimal impact on the customer. However, if the same service has online purchases with financial transactions and customer data, the level of risk and importance to the business have just increased.

The type of service is an integral part of determining the right ALS. You also need to know if you need to pay for storage during the period the service provider returns data to you, whether you have to pay for Service Provider staff to return your data, and if there is an additional charge for cleaning the archived data, he concludes. Cal Braunstein, of the Robert Frances Group, also recommends reading the agreement carefully to see what the cloud storage provider`s rights are to read your data. “The provider needs the right to read your data to move it – perhaps to another level of storage. They do not want them to be able to analyze it for non-assistance – perhaps to have new business prospects – but some SLAs do not mention it. His point is that if something is not explicitly dealt with in ALS, you should not consider it not a problem.